Indoor smart lighting

You can't imagine a world without the Internet and networked computers. Lighting is next.

Wireless network lighting offers dramatic opportunities for savings. Wi4B solution is based on an innovative wireless network architecture, an off grid application that requires no trenching, cabling or grid connection.

Zone profiling

Applicable control factors, Occupancy Factor, Constant Luminance Factor, Perimeter Daylight Group, Lighting group, ...
These are few of the innumerable options you can configure in the platform

Be energy intelligent

The most efficient light source is the one that is turned off when you don’t need it and under your control when you need it.

Combining intelligent strategies

Luminaires and light sources, Time-based management, Presence detection, Daylight sensor, ...

Using daylight sensors

Wireless batteryless daylight sensors could be located in every position in order to set the right target point Feedback engine mantains constant the ambient light.

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