Who we are

Wi4B supports projects all the way from the idea to the prototype to production.
Wi4B is an European company that has developed its expertise in one of the most promising new areas of technological development –Internet of Things (IoT), working for years in the design and setup of wireless infrastructures, in particular wireless sensor networks, that permit to deploy distributed services with low cost of installation and management.
What we do
We develop, manufacture and market products that can enhance the interconnectivity of things (internet of things) intended for the business market.
How we do it
Wi4B has a portfolio of solutions that includes design and realization of sensor networks for monitoring of different parameters (energy management, tracking, water/gas metering), planning and implementation of geographically distributed wireless networks.
Wi4B offers an innovative and powerful Internet of Things platform that securely connects devices with advanced cloud computing resources. The solution - featuring fully integrated hardware, OS, security, APIs and cloud services - dramatically decreases cost and time to market while increasing security, scalability and flexibility.
The platform enables innovative commercial and industrial applications and empowers manufacturers to manage and quickly scale their connected products and services to thousands of users.
Our strenghts
  • Thousands of devices already installed around the world
  • Strong relationship with the academic and research institutions
  • We create unique new and customised products and improve existing solutions
  • Versatile technological expertise allowing for continous innovation and being at the forefront of technological developments
  • Award
    Association of Italian Electronic Producers – Special Mention Start-up of the Year 2014.

    Our Clients

    Management Team

    Paolo Toppan

    External Partner

    Andrea Toppan

    Chief Executive officer

    Rudy Bandiera

    Chief Technical officer

    Our Staff

    WI4B S.r.l. consists of a pool of highly experienced professional engineers. The company is able to meet all needs, from small businesses to the demands of large enterprises. The acquired skills allow us to design very complex systems, both in terms of radio infrastructure and software in support of their management and control.

    Our engineers come from the world of academic research, thus realizing an excellent example of technology transfer from the University to industry.

    The close contact with the academic world allows us to know deeply the latest technologies, experiment them in advance in order to obtain reliable products to offer to the market. That is why Wi4B Srl enable companies to acquire advanced know-how to avoid losing competitiveness against international evolution.